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Why Widgets ?

Reasons to use widgets:

  • You can put them in static html pages, and make them dynamic..
  • You can automate your web sites up keep. Plus you can add cool features.

Will I like it!

Look. It's free! Why not try something new. It only takes a second.

What now:

Widgets rule. Offering stuff you can't get easily, otherplaces.

Change in style..

Ok 2001 is turning to 2002, are you going to comb through all your web pages you've done in the last year?

You would have to edit every single stinking page. This sucks. If the site had widgets where the copyright notice appears, you could simply login to your widget account. Make one change. And BAM! all of your pages are changed.

widgets can do so much more. All they need is you.


Featured widget:

OSW- What's ya runing partner.

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