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Thu, September 14,2000 02:49:48 CST , 09-14-2000 , 30

We welcome your input on our new Internet Calculator .
NOTE:This preview DEMO has been tested for EXPLORER user only at this time. Please let us know if you are using this demo with navigator 4.5 or greater.


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Michael Say`sMichaelhttp.//
Christos Dallis Say`sChristos DallisI think there are some serious negative dipshits posting comments from what I have read. All these comments spell fucking non-profesional.
juggaloscrub Say`sjuggaloscrubi dont know what this site is so dont ask me bout nothin . peace b1tches
meter-man Say`smeter-manGet a FREE Internet Calculator
Mike Hawk Say`sMike HawkCalculator doesn't seem to work. Any help why it doesn't work would be appreciated leave comment here .
Thu, Jul-07-2016 07:14:09
Lauren Say`sLaurenI think that the calcultors here are great!
Doc Holiday Say`sDoc Holiday <<< ENJOY...
Frederick W I Ingram Say`sFrederick W I IngramI agree the way the ad is for the cslculators.
Dan Mynahan Say`sDan Mynahanadd me on myspace @
Bird Say`sBirdwhat the heck? This is so funking werid!
Abbi Say`sAbbithis thing doesn't even work!
Sky Say`sSkyi think this sucks like shit!
Yolcu Say`sYolcu
James Very Brown Say`sJames Very Brown - TURKLAND
MAD DOG Say`sMAD DOGthis fu3kn calculator sucks ass fuck this web site
spook Say`sspooki ask for a simple internet calculater and all i get is this kind of fucking shit some one get their head out nof their collective asses

kc Say`skcu guys r all fuckers
Babacool Say`sBabacool ( Musical )
Nascuda Say`sNascudawtf this calculator is frickon crap i need to use it to find an answer for my maths homework and all it gives me is shit>:P
so i say this is shit. thankyou :D











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