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Web site not available. A full featured CMS, Order entry accounting system for small business. With tight web integration. Allows multiple access levels. Instant catalog builders. Advanced import export agents. Customizable invoices, packing slips by customer. And much much more.
Programmer: Michael Mac Beane
Project Start date: 02-02-2002
Project Completion date: 03-03-2002
Current beta: Not Published*
Participation Contact :

*Un-published works requiresigned NDA prior to participation in ALPHA phases.

Sniffy web site A full featured Network laboratory. Advanced network discovery probe. With simulation agents for a variety of common attacks.

Includes a full featured IP crawler, 65,000+ known ports. Integration with CERT coordination center allows relevant vunerability research at a click.

Programmer: Michael Mac Beane
Project Start date: 12-02-2000
Project Completion date: 02-31-2002
Current beta: Sniffy Web Site
Participation Contact :




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